Live from Brussels, artwork from our show

7.30 live – a political talk show, live from the capital of Europe

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The political talk show is the most popular format on television.
It’s a lot of blabla, but who doesn’t like it?

Origins of the talk show

We wanted to adapt the classic political talk show to the world of the web, live streaming, live comments, interactions. But the idea was also to survive the Covid pandemic.
And do it once a week, until the lockdown was over.

What we love about this side project

For once we put English aside and did the show in Italian. It was liberating, in a way. Because the language simply followed the talk and the performance simply followed the fun.

What could have been better

The mistake was perhaps putting so many things and people into a small format. Which made the challenge more impervious and difficult to manage in the long run.


How we made this political talk show and what we have learnt

The political show consisted of ten episodes, each divided into a first and a second part of 10-15 minutes each.
The streaming was done with the Ecamm app, available on Apple systems.
It allows multi-camera, recorded interventions, interface graphics and commentary management.

1. The importance of a crew

The crew for the event is the largest ever used for a production by Smart Videos.
It made it possible to diversify the registers, to enlarge the audience and to better dose the promotional part. It has also created diversity of vision and forced compromise.
A great opportunity for growth for the SMART revolution.

3. Scheduling lowers the cost of promotion

One of the most important lessons of this political talk show experiment concerns programming and promotion.
By airing every week at the same time, we were able to save valuable time and energy.
The kind of time and energy that many social media managers spend informing and reminding their users what day and time their live streaming will air.

2. User interaction is the best reward

The main objective of the talk show was to facilitate interaction with the home audience. It led to genuine moments of mingling and hilarity.
More than one viewer called in live via Skype and sang for us.
They participated in political polls, won prizes.
The means change, but the television of the future will never be able to do without emotions.


It’s great to talk about politics but to make a live show of it you need to know the tricks of inbound marketing.