House of cats, poster of this original example of cross media marketing

Cross media marketing in the house of cats

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House of Cats is an original series, a cross media marketing experiment on popular culture, politics, power at the time of Netflix.
Enter the house where the cats do all the talking.

Origins of this cross media marketing experiment

Even Banksy jokes about the abundance of cats on the web. We thought we’d mix it up and exploit the cross-media potential of the feline breed.
Watch a cat for a month and get whatever creative product (video, graphic, web, social media) you can think of.
Finally, use these observations as a metaphor for contemporary European politics.

What we love about this side project

When a popular theme becomes the source of inspiration, a creative project can develop without borders.
Every door is open and every idea becomes a lead.

What could have been better

At the same time, in the sensationalist universe of social networks, attention remains superficial and cross media marketing can easily lose its innovative power.


What one can learn from this example of cross media mkt

It was Slash prod, Smart Videos’ mother company, that produced these photos, a series of videos, a pdf that is a mix of political analysis and popular culture.
We invaded social media, launched a competition, used sophisticated forms of influencer marketing 🙂

1. Cats are the weirdest creatures, after humans

We decided to pay homage to Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator” because his speech to humanity perfectly sums up the political analysis behind this cross-media experiment.
Entering the head of a Nazi, just like entering the head of a cat, means finding a deeper relationship with the unpredictable folds of the human soul.

3. Are cross media marketing campaigns the only ones possible?

The question arises: is it possible to do digital marketing or content marketing today without mixing different channels, media, formats?
No, it is not possible. However, cross media marketing does not mean mixing in itself, but mixing as the driver of a marketing strategy.

2. Irony is a powerful vector for your message

Whatever marketing technique we use, irony is the pole star of all our communication.
Whether it is a commercial project or a side project, our work would be meaningless if it took itself too seriously.
Irony is one of the main ingredients of the SMART revolution.


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