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So far so good: a vlog around the world

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A vlog around the world is the dream, but also the obsession of many people. It means travelling, capturing emotions with a smartphone, sharing them in real time on social media.

A world around the vlog (or was it a vlog around the world?)

Smart Videos is a pioneer in smartphone video production in less than 24 hours.
We wanted to take this technique to the extreme and give ourselves a challenge: travel for 30 consecutive days between South America, Africa and Europe, post a one-minute video on Instagram and Facebook, every day.
There’s also another reason behind this round-the-world vlog. We had to reassure mum: “no worries, so far so good.”

What we love about this side project

It was hardcore video-making. It’s one thing to make 1 video in less than 24 hours. It’s one thing to make 30.
It’s another thing to make 30 in 30 days. In any place and under any conditions. With any internet connection available.

What could have been better

On the second day in Rio de Janeiro, the only truly essential piece of equipment for a mobile video-maker was stolen: the smartphone.
We had a spare one but the impact of having your own equipment stolen can have a devastating emotional impact on a travelling vlogger.


How we made this vlog around the world and lessons learnt

The vlog was initially produced with a Samsung S7 smartphone (later stolen) and continued with a Samsung S6. The only support: a gorilla tripod.
Not because we hadn’t yet discovered the joys of the DJI Osmo stabiliser. But because a stabiliser would have distorted the work.

1. Smartphones make you invisible

The most interesting sociological aspect of this extreme vlog experiment is that we filmed less each day than the tourists around us did.
The use of smartphones around the world has become so commonplace that mobile vloggers are practically undetectable.

3. It’s reaaaally tough to film and edit one new video every day for 30 days in a row

In conclusion, it is important to remind that a video production job of this scale and commitment forces a vlogger to sacrifice the fundamental raison d’ĂŞtre of a journey: the dilation of time, which breaks the routine and provides serendipity.

2.Your public is just waiting to be taken away

A vlogger around the world has one function and one function only: to pull his audience out of their digital numbness.
If your audience says: ‘ah how I wish I was there with you’, then mission accomplished. .


Nowadays there is no point in making one single video and expect some serious reaction from my audience. I need to understand how video marketing can make my creative work more effective.