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Do you know what indoor shooting with a drone means?

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Indoor shooting with a drone means beautiful cinematic filming.
Thanks to Eagle, our powerful DJI Mavic Air drone, it’s more than Brussels, it’s Hollywood.

Aren’t drones made for outdoor rather than indoor shooting?


Yes, they are. But commercial use of aerial shots in Belgium (and everywhere else in Europe) is nearly impossible. Federal law, however, does not apply to indoor filming.

Uncertain legislation

Since the technology applied to drones has evolved rapidly, national legislations have preferred to prohibit, rather than regulate. So, better not to take risks.

The new EU directive on drones

For years, there has been talk of a common European legislation on drones. But, with the excuse of the pandemic, we will have to wait much longer.

The sky is (not) the limit

The good news is that, while waiting for a clearer legal framework, it is already possible to get to work and use drones not as birds, but as cameras without limits.

Take their breath away with tracking & travelling shots

Before the advent of drones, taking long strokes and breathtaking shots wasn’t just a matter of economics, it was mostly practical.
Lack of space, lack of flat terrain – who cares when you have a pair of wings?

Why we recommend this solution

With active tracking, a drone can follow the filmed subject without the need for commands. The slow motion function makes this footage even more impressive and exciting.

Why you should think twice

However, using a drone for indoor shooting has some counter indications: the device is noisy and raises a lot of air (and a lot of hair :).
In short, its use should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Whether it’s the use of a fancy format like aerial shots or a simple one-minute explainer, it’s essential to start making one smart video per month.

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