#04 – Smartphone Videomaking: a digital revolution that you can learn for free

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Smartphone Videomaking: a digital revolution that you can learn for free

by Alessandro Cozzutto 
Digital Communication Specialist @ Slash_Prod
Estimated reading time: 4 minutes + videos
If you believe – like I do – that we are just at the beginning of the digital revolution;

If you are aware that videos are the most effective digital tool;

If you are smart enough to understand the importance of sharing;

then, you must feel as much excited as I am about Smartphone Videomaking (SV), a new amazing frontier in digital communications.

SV allows people to film/edit/share cool videos like the one below in such a short time that – I am sure – you will doubt I made it using my
smartphone only.
For the free-riders among you, who are naturally attracted by things that come with no charges, here you find the link to the free download of the Manual of the Little Smartphone Videomaker.

Here you go: have fun, ciao ciao, dasvidaniya!

Now, the little rest of you might be interested in knowing why I have spent some days to conceive, write, design, and give away for free all the audiovisual knowledge that I have been accumulating since I was 16 and used to film around with my brother, best friends, and a cheap heavy plastic camera.
Make your video CV
Duration: 1:42 minutes
Why am I doing all this?
It’s not (only) because I miss those times, in which the editing was made right on the camera, by clicking rec/stop and sending the tape back to overwrite mistakes (the result was…well, I cannot describe what the result was, but it was not good). [no footage available] It’s not (only) for self-promotion.

It’s because I have spent more time making videos than anything else in my life and I am very much convinced that the SV is a big big step among all revolutionary steps in digital communications. The reason is simple: the last tool of communication that was at the same time as effective and accessible as SV was the personal computer itself.
I have been filming with a smartphone since I have one, for both professional and self-entertaining reasons.
And then, edited via laptop. If your smartphone records in full HD, most people will not notice any difference:

However, as I grew up making zero-budget movies, my dream was a complete smartphone autocracy. As soon as I learned about the tons of apps that – in particular on iOS, but also on Android – allow you to manage the whole audiovisual productive process, I have started looking for no matter what social opportunity to test some of them. The first experiments were not that amazing, but still very encouraging:
Brussels electronic marathon
Duration: 3:43 minutes
Why I am promoting smartphone videomaking
I have a PhD in Political Science and International Relations, for politics is my other passion.
Actually, I must say, the only reason why I am a digital communication expert is because I believe that politics without communication skills is verbal masturbation.

Working in between Italy and the capital of Europe, I found myself spending much time in the suburbs of Brussels and feeling, without being particularly smart, its rising social tension – way before Paris attacks, Molenbeek media blame, and so on.

So, I have conceived a project for teaching videomaking to kids from the suburbs, because I believe that tension turns down, once you are capable of representing yourself and your neighborhood, without political or mainstream media filters. 
It was after receiving funds from the Roi Baudoin Fondation and before understanding how to actually use them, that I found out about editing right on your smartphone: that is Once Upon A Time In Anderlecht, an ongoing process that I find very promising, from both a social and a technical point of view.

The Manual of the Little Smartphone Videomaker was initially conceived as an educational tool for the kids that participate in it. SV is contagious, but it seems that a community does not exist yet.
At least, I could not find a proper European one. Which is a pity, in particular today, when Do-It-Yourself communities pop up everywhere, like the drone community, another very interesting frontier.

What are you waiting for?
Once upon a time in Anderlecht – trailer
Duration: 1:59 minutes

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