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Is smartphone video the future of video production?

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Smartphone video is rather the present of video production. First, it makes video-making easier. Second, it makes participation, engagement, and co-creation a reality.

How do I get started with mobile video production?
7 steps


What kind of videos get the most views?

No one specific type of video gets more views than any other. The success of a video depends on the success of a strategy. And there are many factors that affect this, as seen elsewhere.

If I don’t accept this fact, I’m being naive. Doomed to frustration.
So how come there are kids who get millions of views on YouTube?

Because often, the most effective strategy is the most authentic and least planned. However, the problem is that the success of such a (non-)strategy is completely random.

If I’m serious about video marketing, I need to start by taking a deeper look at smartphone video production.


I can really learn a lot by joining a community of passionate mobile video-makers.

Learn more about smartphone video production

A smartphone video production is the easiest way to approach video marketing. But I don’t limit myself to the medium, rather I focus on the communication objective.
In particular, here I can find the best tips concerning mobile video production: rules, types of video, and right equiment.

Potentially, this list is endless, because the objectives of my marketing communication can be endless.
However, it is not the type of video that determines my strategy (and therefore my success). On the contrary, once I know what I want, I will think about how to achieve it.