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5 alternative payment methods that we grant to our members

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In short, here are some examples of alternative payment methods that any company or start-up should allow its customers to use.
At Smart Videos we like to give the good example.

1. Pay us a coffee or a drink

The most socially engaging alternative method of payment is to give us something to drink. In general, we love coffee as much as we love alcohol. Therefore, we do not discriminate, as long as we have a chance to chat.

Paying with a coffee or a drink means finding a moment to socialise, to get to know each other better and to understand what we can do together in the name of mobile video marketing.

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2. Pay with a selfie

The simplest and most direct alternative payment method is to pay with a selfie and post it on a social account (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or Twitter). Of course, don’t forget to tag @Smart Videos so that we can verify your payment.

The idea is to share with your network your choice to join the SMART revolution and convince others to change Europe one smart video at a time.

Once you’ve received your smart video gadget, you can take another selfie to show off the benefits of being part of the world’s smartest video marketing community.

We love minigolf

We’re serious

4. Pay us with a challenge

The most fun and healthy alternative payment method is to challenge ourselves to a mini-golf competition, the most underrated sport in the world.

We have cultivated this passion over many years of practice and as soon as we find a suitable business model, we will also embark on this entrepreneurial activity. For now, we are content to play it.

In a nutshell, mini-golf is like golf, but without class discrimination.


The simplest and most trivial alternative payment method is to follow us on social media. Actually, following a social page should be a consequence of adhering to a vision, not a condition or request. However, we like to make life easier for our comrades.

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In conclusion, the idea of providing original payment alternatives resonates with our mission. Above all, we believe that the use of new communication and marketing technologies must be the fruit of a creative and critical mind. At the same time, this creativity and criticality are not an end in themselves, but elements in the service of people.