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Learn how to make smartphone videos with our workshop

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Everyone can make superb videos with their smartphone. Not just anyone has the necessary skills.
That’s what our workshop is for.

Why, after 20 years of videomaking, we now only film with a smartphone


Since the Lumière brothers, video technology has never stopped evolving. However, with the advent of smartphones, everyone can now play in the same league.

Anticipate technological change

Technological evolution is a form of planned obsolescence. Instead of chasing progress, use the technology you already have in your pocket.

Put people at ease

The eye of the traditional camera puts pressure on many. On the contrary, everyone is now used to filming and being filmed with a smartphone.

Film more, film faster

Events, birthdays, travel: living in symbiosis with your smartphone multiplies the opportunities to learn and progress in filmmaking.

The best camera is the one in your pocket

Do you have a smartphone in your pocket?
Well, that’s something.
Now remember, there are four fundamental moments in making videos with smartphones:

  • preparation (forget about the storyboard)
  • collection of the images (the footage)
  • editing (yes, you can do that on a smartphone as well)
  • promotion (what’s the point of making video otherwise?)
  • .

Why we recommend this solution

The ability to make videos with your smartphone is a digital skill whose importance is universally recognised.
And, unlike others (e.g. programming), it is more intuitive and fun.

Why you should think twice

The fact that making videos with your mobile device is fun does not mean that it is easy. The workshop is accessible to everyone, but the editing and promotion phases require commitment.

Who can benefit most from a smartphone video workshop?

A video production workshop with mobile equipment is open to everyone but some professional categories can benefit more.
In general, it is recommended for those who need to promote their company or private activity on a regular basis.
But it can also appeal to those who would like to make videos for their personal passion.

From smartphone video-making to media literacy

Learning to make videos with your smartphone should not be seen as an activity solely aimed at video production.
It is also and above all a way to gain confidence in dealing with new digital technologies and trends.

What’s the best smartphone camera?

The answer is simple: who cares?
Any model today that can film at least in full HD (1920X1080 pixels) will do. Because the quality of the image, without the quality of the filming, editing and, above all, promotion will not be enough to make your video worth watching.


The best possible media training is regular training. As a member of the Smart Video Marketing Academy, you get it for free.


What else can a smartphone video workshop do for me?

Our smartphone video workshops are, first and foremost, an initiation into mobile video marketing.
You don’t need to be a professional video maker.
You need to develop a creative, active and fruitful relationship with the technology we carry in our pockets.

Cleto, retired video-maker


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Eager to launch into

To achieve my communication goals, I have to learn about mobile video marketing.
I can do that at the Smart Video Marketing Academy.
Or I can look for inspiration on this site and do it myself.