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To bring results a video conference needs animation

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A spectre is hovering over Europe’s internet connections: it is the spectre of yet another boring video conference.
Not with the right animation strategy.

Why a video conference needs animation


The Covid pandemic sent Zoom’s share price skyrocketing.
For most professionals around the world, this meant the start of a real nightmare.

From talking to action

In video conferences most of the audience shows up to make a presence.
Yet, it would be an excellent opportunity to start both a conversation and a conversion.

Audience retention

As the time of the video conference is extended, animation makes it possible to break through the formalities, delve into the issues, and discuss them in depth.

An online event starts with registration

The animation of a video conference starts as early as the recording phase.
Increasing the number of subscribers, segmenting your audience, testing some calls to action are all part of it.

Engagement is key

Video conferencing cannot be an online transposition of a live meeting. The attempt would not stand up to comparison.
What you need to do is rethink the event from the ground up and take advantage of tools and features that only work online.

For example, the fact that everyone is connected to the internet and focused on the same screen makes the experience, by default, a shared one.

Why we recommend this solution

Even if the pandemic were to pass and so-called normality were to return, the video conference format will survive.
How do we know?
It’s a simple matter of budget.

Why you should think twice

Maybe you are one of those few people who likes to keep people at a screen distance.
If so, don’t worry: we are not talking to you.

A few tips to improve your video event?

If you are wondering how to animate your next video conference, the obvious answer is called gamification.
A gamification technique consists of enriching a standard procedure with typical game mechanisms.

For example, the speaker can ask the participants questions and award a point for each correct answer.
Whoever has given the most correct answers can receive a prize at the end of the conference.
This kind of competition stimulates participation.

Why we recommend this solution

Life is a game, but above all it should not be wasted in boring video conferences. Often an excuse is enough for people to bring out the best in each other.

Why you may think twice

Nothing is more boring than a boring person trying to be funny. In some it is a talent, in others a practice refined over time.
The only matter is to be honest with oneself.


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How can my video conference go smoother with animation?

It costs nothing to organise a video conference on Zoom, Google Meet, Go to meeting or any other platform.
Perhaps because the value in itself is none?

There are good moderators and bad moderators. Above all, there is the expertise with which an event, even if only online, organises and manages the timing of a conference.

In conclusion: don’t improvise, rehearse, learn from others: the devil is in the details.

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