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Event media coverage: make them save a memorable date

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Nowadays, no event ever really happens without existing online. The good news is that with the appropriate media coverage, an event really never ends.

How can mobile video marketing make my event shine?


Media coverage of an event no longer consists of a few boring photos of people pretending to have a good time, but a very valuable mine of interactions.

After movie

The after movie of my event must not be a jumble of unrelated images: it must tell a story, convey an experience.

Social media stories

At the same time, different video formats, from live streaming to social media stories, make my event instant and contemporary.

Gamification techniques

Finally, interaction during my event should be facilitated with simple gamification and icebreaker techniques.

Your event media coverage strategy says a lot about me and my organisation

Even before the Covid pandemic, in Brussels as in the rest of Europe, corporate and non-corporate events were already destined to become hybrid events: a clever mix of physical and digital interaction.

I shouldn’t let the pressure and panic get to me: the communication and marketing potential is immense.

Make your event viral

A first clear benefit of an event media coverage strategy is the increased visibility of the event: video invitations, event trailers, guest presentations. Well begun is half done!

Boost registrations and future participation

The second thing to keep in mind is that media production during the event allows my organization’s digital communications to be fueled for months: mentions, souvenir photos, tags, networking.
If my media coverage of the event shows my guests at their best, my guests will be the first to promote my photos and videos.


Event media coverage is one of several alternatives I can choose from: in order to achieve my communication goals, I need to start making one smart video per month.

Agnes, communication manager


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To achieve my communication goals, I have to make videos regularly.
I can sign up for a monthly plan and receive one after movie per month.
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