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A 1-minute explainer video to deliver my message straight to the point

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One minute to find them, one minute to explain them all. And in the brightness bind them.
I don’t need to be a lord of the ring to activate my audience, I need a 1-minute explainer video.

1-minute video explainers, simply the most digestible format


60 seconds are more than enough to deliver a message.
60 seconds are all I need to do it effectively.

Easy to engage with

When people see that a video lasts one minute only, they do not skip forward or abandon. They think “it’s just a minute,” they relax, listen, and comment.

Highly replicable

It’s easier to reproduce the same format when the length is fixed and limited. Less images to produce, less text to add. So I can make more, faster.

Extremely measurable

Seemingly, if a video lasts 60 seconds, it is easier to calculate retention. It is easier to measure for how long people continue watching.

Optimised for any social media feed

If I aim to publish a video on social media, such as Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter, I shall choose a 1:1 format. Yes, a squared format.

The width of a social media feed is fixed, but the height is variable. Therefore, a squared video looks almost twice bigger than rectangle videos.

Why we recommend this solution

A bigger video on social media implies more retention, more engagement, in particular from mobile devices.

Why you should think twice

If I decide to publish your 1-minute explainer on Youtube or Vimeo, it may not look as good as on other platforms. The solution is to produce both a landscape and a squared version. By doing so, though, I will split your video statistics.

How to turn a 1-min video into a series

One minute videos indicate structure.
I can exploit this structure to build a video series.
Personal portraits work very well as a series, but also interviews, internal communication or product marketing can benefit from this format.

Why we recommend this solution

The good news is that I don’t necessarily have to decide right away: I can produce a first prototype and then test reactions.
One minute explainers are very flexible tools of communication.

Why you may think twice

This structure can really boost awareness if it repeats itself regularly. So I may not be able to appreciate the impact of the format by judging a single example.


One minute explainers is one of several alternatives I can choose from: in order to achieve my communication goals, I need to start making one smart video per month.


How do I get the best out of my explainer video?

In conclusion, 1-minute explainer videos are simple, give structure, and boost following.
It’s a matter of clarity: I’ll pick a clear objective, work on a definition, find some concrete examples.
I will add subtitles to increase access and share it on as many platforms as possible, including blogs and forums, to see which group or community enjoys my explanation the most.

Julien, digital marketing manager


“A quick and efficient provider (including interesting digital know how)…”

Eager to launch into

To achieve my communication goals, I have to make videos regularly.
I can sign up for a monthly plan and receive one explainer video per month.
Or I can look for inspiration on this site and do it myself.