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Social media content that generates more followers

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Original and creative content can make all the difference on social media. But only if it matches my voice and the story I want to tell.

Social media content follows its own rules


Everyone uses social media, whether for fun or boredom. However, when the content is for promotional purposes, the rules of creation and sharing are very different.

Established playground

Ten years ago, a marketer had to explain the relevance of social networks to his customers. Today it becomes difficult to convince them that marketing can do more than just pick a hashtag.

Content discovery

The challenge is not to bring an audience to social media, since they are already there. For the most part, the goal is to make content easy to discover, with the right tags, partners, promotions.

Data and business model

It is not possible to exploit the mechanisms of social networks without understanding their business model. It is based on profiling users and collecting data for advertising purposes.

Social media templates enhance your content

The real goal in content production for social media is not the quality of the content itself, but the creation of value through that content.
In general, whatever the industry or niche market, value creation requires consistency and regularity.

The use of social media templates serves precisely to ensure this regularity.

Why we recommend this solution

Social media templates create a sense of familiarity in the audience.
They lower costs in the production of content in the long run.

Why you should think twice

Social media templates save time, but content production for social networks dies with repetition. The time freed up serves to make more meaningful content.

Unlock the true power of stories

When there is a lot of talk about the latest social media feature, the aim is to use me as a guinea pig for a new advertising format.
Social media stories on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube are no exception. So much promise, so little return on investment.

At the same time, the social network itself will reward the production of content tailored to this new feature.
So why not take advantage of it?

Why we recommend this solution

When a new feature makes its appearance on my favourite social media, it becomes easier to take my audience by surprise.
Moreover, the quick adoption of new features shows a sensitivity to technology that my audience will appreciate.

Why you may think twice

Running after the fashion of the moment is always risky.
In the best case, I will come across as naive; in the worst case, I will experience the frustrating feeling of having just wasted my time.


Social media content is one of several alternatives I can choose from: in order to achieve my communication goals, I need to start making one smart video per month.


How can I get the best out of my social media content?

Not everyone is convinced that social media has made this world a better place, no matter how much Mark Zuckerberg propagandises his dream of connecting people.

All things considered, it is never the medium itself but the use made of it.

Producing content tailored for social media is not just a way to learn more about a platform.
It is also, and above all, a way to learn more about my own story and the value of my work in the eyes of others.

Maria, researcher


“Professionalism, flexibility and attention in adapting to customer requests.A guarantee of success.”

Eager to launch into

To achieve my communication goals, I have to make videos regularly.
I can sign up for a monthly plan and receive one social media video content per month.
Or I can look for inspiration on this site and do it myself.