The Brexit Party show

Live from Molenbeek, an original live streaming show about Boris, Nigel, Theresa, and many more.
An initiative by Smart Videos feat. Parler de Menage.

We have gin, you bring the tonic.

This love & hate relationship is coming to an end, our friendship does not have to.
1 January 1973 – 31 January 2020.
UK, Europe, Brexit.
A love & hate relationship finally comes to an end. 
Join us on-line in giving our British friends a proper farewell.

#BrexitParty is a TV show, which will stream live on Facebook on Friday night, the 31st of January 2020, from 7.30 pm.

If you live in Brussels, then you can try to purchase one of the few remaining tickets and join us in Smart Videos studios, at LaVallée in Molenbeek, from 7 pm.

19h Brexit Party in Lavallée, rue Lavallée 39 – 1080 Brussels
19.30h Live streaming preview
20h Brexit info-session
20.30h the Brexit Quiz game
21h Brexit Party Grand Final

Be prepared for wearing a mask, sing aloud, win our exclusive Brexit quiz, not to mention our informational brief over what the hell happened, when, and why. 

An initiative by Smart Videos feat. Parlerdeménage.
The exclusive interview, which Smart Videos’ founder gave to the colleagues of TV Norge


After a long show, we received a very much appreciated visit from our colleagues of TV Norge. It is the same Norwegian television channel that asked the world “what does the fox say?”This time they wanted to know “what does the heart of Europe say?” [spoiler alert: not much]


At first, we had asked Alexa (an Amazon registered trademark) what she thinks about Brexit but her answer was not convincing.

This is why we invited a bunch of political celebrities, such as Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy Barack Obama, but also Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, Queen Elisabeth and Mister Bean.

Our goal was to experience a common catharsis after years of political division.

After the 31st of January, we still believe that love is all we need.
The Brexit Party’s main guests
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God save the SMART revolution
Smart Videos’ archive


We have produced a live show in 4 episodes: preview, info session, Brexit quiz game, grand finale.

We were streaming from Smart Videos’ headquarters at Lavallée Art-centre, in Molenbeek – Brussels

.We have used a smartphone, 22 flags, 4 bottles of gin, and no animal was harmed during the shooting.

It’s true what they say, though, someone got killed.


Needless to say, the victim of all this fighting was a romantic idea we had about friendship and participation.

This is why we wish a common future of all, in which, for instance, the use of technologies will bring all people together, rather than divide them with anger and resentment.

Punk’s not dead.
The spirit of Europe either.
Anarchy in the UK
Duration: 0:54 sec
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Live from Molenbeek

Join us in giving our British friends a proper farewell.

This love & hate relationship is coming to an end, our friendship does not have to.
We will have gin tonic and a Brexit quiz:

God save the smart revolution!

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