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What is mobile video marketing and how will it change the world?

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Mobile video marketing is a technique to reach business objectives by speeding up production, increasing authenticity and facilitating user interaction.

A few facts and numbers that prove the power of mobile video marketing

In general, people refer to mobile video marketing from the consumer’s side: for instance,advertising on mobile.
On the contrary, we believe that mobile video marketing has to do with production: the development of a content marketing strategy using only a smartphone device.


This is the percentage of internet users in the world, who owns a smartphone. Most of them do not own other devices.


More than half of the videos are watched on mobile phones. Besides, the percentages reaches 93% on Twitter.


According to Adsweek this is the growth in time, year after year, that users spend watching videos on their smartphone

Mobile marketing for product promotion videos

Mobile video marketing – case study 01

In the video here I will find some simple tips to improve the quality of my product video presentation.
In other words, simplicity pays off. Moreover, accepting one’s limits opens up unexpected spaces for creativity.

Benefit of this strategy

A product video presentation made with a smartphone cuts costs and time.
This allows me to make several of them and to emphasize, with each video, more details and benefits of the product.

Problem with this strategy

Simple does not mean sloppy.
Using a smartphone for my video presentation can make it necessary to work more on lighting, scripting, camera movements.

The power of hidden mobile cameras

Mobile video marketing – case study 02

In its “ChooseBeautiful” marketing campaign, Dove used a hidden camera to film a simple social experiment about women and self-confidence.
Even though they didn’t use a smartphone, this kind of social test (provocation versus reaction) is a creative idea that not only mobile phones allow, but even make it easier to use.

Benefit of this strategy

Hidden cameras make your “actors” look more natural and authentic. It boosts sympathy among viewers. In the end, it lowers resistance to my message.

Problem with this strategy

Not everyone likes to be filmed secretly.
I have to make sure that I get signed consent before using their image in my video campaign.

Film moments of pure action with your cellphone

Mobile video marketing- case study 03

To celebrate its 5th anniversary, the creative studio Slash Prod made a promotional video during a half marathon.

Thanks to the use of a DJI Osmo stabiliser, it was possible to maintain the dynamism of a cross-country race without creating the effect of seasickness in the viewer.

Benefit of this strategy

The size of the smartphone makes it a camera with immense shooting potential.
Subjective, dynamic, panoramic and underwater shots are some of the possible filming techniques that only a mobile device allows.

Problem with this strategy

If I don’t have a stabiliser, which doesn’t cost much more than 100 euros anyway, the quality of the footage may not be as breathtaking.


If I can explain it in less than 60 seconds, then my message is right on target. But why every month?.


What else can mobile video marketing do to help you reach your business objectives?

The added value of mobile video marketing does not lie in the quality of the images, but in its infinite creative potential.
In other words, the fact that you can film in all circumstances and publish the result within a few hours exponentially increases the impact of a coordinated marketing action.

Moreover, unlike traditional cameras, your smartphone is connected to the internet.
This accessibility and ubiquity is what drives us to be the mobile-first video marketing agency.


First, you need to identify your communication goal.
Then, figure out which video solution is the best fit for you.
Finally, start making one smart video every month.


Make clear to yourself which communication goal you want to achieve.



Pick the best mobile video solution to implement your marketing strategy.



By yourself or with our help, get started with mobile video marketing.



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