So far so good

A four week tip across four continents, filming and editing a new 1-min video every day.
A project by Smart Videos

Vlogging all around the world

43.958 km in 30 days.
“So far so good” is an Instagram experiment of content marketing: one video for each traveling day, a total of 43.958 km across Uruguay, Brazil, Ethiopia, Turkey, Europe.

  • 30 days, including departure and arrival.
  • 30 squared videos
  • 30-min total video

Smart Videos produced the entire project using a Samsung S7 and Vivavideo Premium for Android, the point of smartphone videomaking being creative independence, a total productive autarky.
The goal was to deliver a full reportage with no laptop to stress the power of mobile editing.

This self-governing freedom goes with the name of SMART revolution.

The main difference with Steven Soderbergh and the fuzz about filming an entire motion picture with an iPhone sounds obvious.

It is not about using a smartphone as a simply additional camera.
It is about filming AND editing, which includes music, color correction, titles, export, up to the online sharing via social media.
Sao Paolo – 09.01.2018
Celebration of the SMART revolution with the Brazilian comrades

South America

The 1st part of the adventure takes place between Uruguay and Brazil.

After leaving from the Malpensa airport in Milan – Italy few hours after the 2017 Christmas, Smart Videos’ founder and lider maximo Alex jumps from winter to summer in the lapse of a night time.

On the flight, which crosses the Atlantic Ocean, he finds the time to edit the second episode of the vlog.
#03 – Montevideo
Duration: 1 min
#08 – Rio de Janeiro
Duration: 1 min


The 2nd part of the adventure takes place in the mysterious Ethiopia, one of the biggest and most populated African country, and probably among the most beautiful.

After spending a few days in Addis Ababa, a growing metropolis full of fascination and contradictions, Alex heads North: the Danakil salt desert, the majestic Erta Ale Vulcano, Gheralta’s mountains, Axum, or Lalibela’s churches, the country’s treasures seem to be limitless.

#22 – Dallol
Duration: 1 min
#24 – Gueralta
Duration: 1 min
#29 – Istanbul
Duration: 1 min
#30 – Back home
Duration: 1 min
The reason why each video had to be published before the beginning of the following day of travel was to set clear parameters about the power of mobile editing.

The goal was to produce the best video possible, given the most challenging conditions.

Not to mention the need to enjoy the road, at the same time.

We want to change Europe,
one smart video at a time.

Join the SMART revolution