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Animate your content with motion graphics

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Every time I see the typical corporate animation, I’m seized with an uncontrollable desire to take my own life.
There has to be a different way of thinking about motion graphics.

Animation is life (rather than graphics) in motion


Colors, transitions, and copyright-free music don’t make graphic animation. Bear with me MacLuhan, the message is much more than the medium.

Limitless creativity

Live motion always requires a high price in terms of acting, set design, time and money. In contrast, with graphic animation, I can be at home or on Mars for the same price.

Productivity in remote

Another advantage of motion graphics is the ability to work remotely, with any team and without any space-time constraints. Which frees up creativity.

Recylce, repurpose, reuse

Finally, a scene, once animated, can be easily adapted, repurposed, and reused. In a short time, different colors, texts, backgrounds can tell a completely different story.

Motion graphics as a form of storytelling

A graphic animation doesn’t have to be an advertisement disguised as a cartoon. It needs to tell a story to a group of child-eyed adults.

A story carries with it values, facts, possibly a lesson.

Why we recommend this solution

In particular, motion graphics are well suited to seriality, announcements, and call-to-actions.
They carry with them a general feeling of positivity.

Why you should think twice

Conversely, animations do not lend themselves to controversial subjects, nor should they be used to simplify overly sophisticated concepts.
Better then to use them as trailers for tutorials shot in live motion.


Motion graphics and animations are one of several video solutions I can choose from: what else can I think of?

Konsta, team leader


“…a great talent in transforming ideas into great products and productions!”

Eager to launch into

To achieve my communication goals, I have to make videos regularly.
I can sign up for a monthly plan and receive one video animation per month.
Or I can look for inspiration on this site and do it myself.