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Creative direction and project management in video marketing

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Every year, companies in Belgium spend millions of euros to produce video content that has no meaning or impact.
The reason is a lack of art direction or project management.

Why outsourcing creative direction or project management?


Spending €144 million in 2019 alone, Belgium is supposed to be more famous around the world for video than for beer or chocolate.

Linguistic osmosis

By integrating an external force to an existing team, jargons get banned and your message becomes clearer. We call it linguistic osmosis and yeah, it’s a good thing.

A remedy against groupthink

Every good manager knows that group think is the enemy of innovation and quality. An interim consulting solution challenges and limits groupthink.

The scapegoat theory

When the responsibility for a project falls on the shoulders of an external resource, the group becomes united. In the worst case scenario, to get rid of it 🙂

Interim consulting: time, money, quality

Belgium can be a bit of a peculiar country: very modern, but also very conservative, especially in the workplace.
A lot of communication is done in-house, but companies also often turn to outside agencies.

Why we recommend this solution

An interim external consultancy in art direction or project management increases the quality of the end result and compresses the costs of producing digital content.

Why creative direction or project management

Above all, the reason is that this content has a strong technical and technological component. But it also requires aesthetic taste.
Which creates the need for three distinct roles: payer (the company), doer (the external agency), and judger (a creative director or a project manager).


Do you have something that you need to explain to your audience? Do you want to use explainer videos to increase your market reputation? Or do you simply want help people understand a complicated topic?

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