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Video marketing generates data, analysis nails it

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What’s the difference between data analytics and data analysis?
Analytics include the collection and storage (think of Google Analytics). Do I take the time to analyse those data, though?

Data-driven vs instinct-driven analysis


The use of data does not dismiss the importance of instinct for entrepreneurial success.
On the contrary, they reinforce and support it.


First, data analysis enables the construction of credible commercial hypotheses. Which simplifies and speeds up the business creation process.


Second, the use of numerical, objective data conveys this credibility to external stakeholders. For example, an investor or creditor.


Finally, analyzing data on video marketing projects allows to test the impact of a video production and scale one’s creative ambitions.

Why data-driven marketing is not the usual digital marketing non-sense

Marketers talk a lot about numbers, indicators and performance.
Yet this data itself doesn’t provide answers, rather it inspires questions.

As in science, truth is always an approximation.
Which doesn’t make it any less valuable, quite the opposite.

Why we recommend this solution

Data analysis, in video marketing as in general, is a good practice.
It helps to confront reality instead of hiding from it.

Why you should think twice

Unfortunately, this approach can be scary. Specifically, because it doesn’t allow for shortcuts.
Half-assed data analysis not only doesn’t help, it can hurt a marketing strategy.


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