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How to manage target advertising on Google Ads and social media

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Target advertising on Google Ads and social media is not “a mere continuation of advertising by other means”).
Rather, it is a tool to deliver value and expertise.

What people don’t get about target advertising on social media


If you operate in B2B, target advertising is about buying a few seconds of focus.
Don’t waste them trying to sell a product or service at all costs.
Use them to gain a few extra seconds of attention.


Target advertising uses data to show the right content to the right people.
But there’s more to that data than geolocation and related interests.

A matter of value

You provide the budget, but users provide attention. So, don’t expect this attention to be unconditional.
Reward it with a value proposition.

The role of micro-conversions

The aim is to achieve a micro-conversion (i.e. a newsletter subscription) so that your next proposition will not require advertising.

Target advertising and payment models

Google Ads and social media offer different payment methods depending on the market and the marketing objective.

For example, advertising an event that is accessed will opt for cost per click (CPC) to maximise the number of registrations.

Cost per 1,000 displays (CPM) aims to maximise the brand recognition of a company that, for example, has just ventured into a new market.

Why we recommend this solution

In B2B, paid advertising can provide a decisive boost for high-value, low-visibility products and services.

The ability to operate on a large scale and exploit the data collected represents a growth opportunity for a company.

Why you should think twice

Some still believe in the fairy tale of conversions earned with a few euros and a couple of clicks.

In reality, competition is strong and meaningful data requires a budget. To produce it, but also to analyse it.

Youtube, Google Search, Facebook: which platform suits target ads better?

The best target advertising platform is one for which you already have data. Alternatively, it is always advisable to adopt a marketing mix to produce comparable data.

Within the same platform, it is then necessary to test different copy and visuals to identify the ad group with the best click-through rate (CTR).

How to get started with target advertising on social media

If you are already present on some social media, do not reinvent the wheel.
Take your most successful post and invest 100 euros in it.
Then take the statistics of the organic version and the paid version and compare them.

Are these results that you expected?

Never used Google Ads before?

Google Ads is the platform for managing ads on all products in the Google universe: from the search engine to YouTube, from Gmail to the network of partnership sites.

It is an intuitive platform, but you can always watch video tutorials to understand how Google Ads works.

Eager to launch into

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