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A creative content strategy turns a cost into an investment

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The best way to be heard online is to communicate value through quality content.
For that, one needs a proper creative content strategy.

The right creative strategy aligns content to your business objectives


It’s not about being original or particularly funny. It’s not about inspiration: it’s about clarity, organization, harmony.

Brand awareness

For starters, producing original content allows you to reinforce others’ perception that we exist and are alive.

Qualitative leads

Inbound marketing, unlike outbound, also makes it clear that we exist to uphold specific values. Which attracts others like us.

Digital transformation

Finally, producing creative digital content forces you to engage with the latest and most innovative digital tools and trends.

Call to actions, value proposition, retention

The definition of a content strategy implies that the creative dimension of communication is not the cause but the consequence of precise business objectives. It’s action that implies reaction.

This implies the use of scrupulous metrics and constant improvement of the working method.

How to get started

The first thing I need to do, in order to develop a creative content strategy, is to translate business needs into questions that are as specific as possible. Then, it’s a matter of gathering data and making assumptions that can answer those questions.
For example, if the goal is to increase the sale of a product, I might ask what motivates current buyers.

How to proceed

I might go so far as to hypothesize that many people don’t buy the product because they don’t know about it. And from there, I’ll begin to reason about which channels to intercept them (social media, public events, print media?) and produce ad hoc content.


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