Mobile Live Streaming

Let your audience participate in your event or campaign on social networks with a smartphone only.
A service by Smart Videos
Broadcast yourself live.
You have surely seen many amateurish live streaming on platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and now even on Linkedin!
We know how bad those shaky can look, but now you can finally sit back and relax, because our stabilizer DJI Osmo Mobile will guarantee a smooth coverage of your events.

And that is just the beginning!
Thanks to the support of our social media team, we will make any comment or like count.
How did we manage to provide our client ECAS with more than 7.000 organic views and a media outreach of more than 15.000 users?
Forget about target advertising, click fraud, and all that waste of resources: with our video strategies your communication budget will turn from a cost into a useful investment.
live from New York City:
find out the implications and actual meaning of Warhol’s 15 minutes of celebrity during a one-week non-stop streaming. 
Live from the city that never sleeps.

More than live.

Live streaming is not about placing a camera in front of a speaker and let users figure out what is going on down there.
It is important to nurture the event with a consistent digital strategy, composed of exciting anticipations, such as a trailer, a tailored visual identity and a full dedication to any social network interaction.

If you wonder how live streaming works and whether a Facebook live is better than using Periscope, here is what you can do: let Smart Videos take care of the entire process, from preparation to streaming, from the hosting to the follow up.

We can execute pretty much any step of the show using a smartphone only.
EU elections 2019 – live coverage from the capital of Europe (trailer)
Duration: 0:38 min

We want to change Europe,
one smart video at a time.

Join the SMART revolution